Profit Clicking really is a very simple program.. but please give yourself time to understand the basics of how it works and the best method to use to be able to profit from it!

The 90 Day Plan is based on 2 Rules:

1: Protect your Investment!

Lets take a cautious approach.

I think it is important to  be able to cashout your original invest money within a reasonable period.. The  Strategy here is to accomplish that within the 90 days!

2: Maximize Earnings!

a: Join the best sponsor.. I have the experience and knowledge to personally help all  my downline members.

b: Add as much as you can afford at the beginning.. a minimum of $500 would be best.. this will allow you to compound (re-invest) everyday and reach your objective faster.. therefore amounts below $500 will take longer to earn enough to re-invest to the next AD PACKAGES!

c: Compound (Re-Invest) your daily earnings for the first 3 weeks!
After 3 weeks you will have 50% more AD PACKAGES than when you started (that’s if you started with $500 or above)

d: After 3 weeks buy the maximum number of AD PACKAGES your daily earnings will allow..

Day 1: Add Money
Days 2 – 25: Reinvest 100% of your Daily Earnings by buying new AD PACKAGES until your Balance is 50% bigger (about 25 days).
Days 26 Onwards: Whatever the maximum number of AD PACKAGES you can buy on Day 25.. then buy that exact same number of positions everyday from then on.
Days 27 Onwards: Cashout excess balance everyday after buying your set number daily AD PACKAGES.

You started with $1,000
3 weeks later that has grown 50% to $1,500
$1,500 x 2% = $30 per day
Now buy 3 AD PACKAGES ($30) from now on everyday without fail and start to cashout the remaining balance everyday when at least $20 or more.. your original invest money will be paid back to you within 90 days.. you will be able to buy those 3 AD PACKAGES everyday into the future earning you Indefinite Income!

The 90 Day Plan will help you Protect your Investment and Maximize Earnings!

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