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Banners Broker is quite a complex system which is why it’s important to go at it with some kind of strategy in place. Keeping track of traffic packs and staying on top of traffic allowances are the tasks that confuse people the most. In fact, its not uncommon for members to actually hire a manger to track and control their account, making the right moves as though it were a chess game is vital.

Well here at BB fast track we have kept thing real simple and easy to understand by putting together a Banners Broker strategy. Unlike most websites, we are going to reveal this strategy upfront, to let you see if you have what it takes to be a Banner Broker.

For this purpose we are going to say that you have just purchased the ”green” package which is one of the most popular alongside blue. That sets you back $415 but in return gives you ad inventory which consists of a yellow, purple, blue and green panel. Each package gives you one panel of each color below it, you only purchase a package once and it includes a $15 membership fee. Keep in mind that from the advertiser side of the ad-pub combo, you also get 40,000 banner impressions to use on ANY business/website you like.

Let’s break this down a little and work out how much profit you can make from the first set of panel you receive upon buying a package:

We can see from the chart above that once your panels reach the revenue max and cap out, they have earned back a total of $800. You have the choice to set your panels to 50% or 100%, fifty meaning you receive half the money in your e wallet and the other half goes into a set of brand new panels once they cap out. Or if it’s set at the 100% option, your one panel will double into 2 brand new ones earning you MORE the next time round.

Going back to the example of the green package, I’m going to leave these first set of panels at 100% meaning when they cap out, it will create another two of each color:

Once your second set of panels run their course and cap out, they will have earned you a further $1600. If they were set at 50% you will receive $800 in your e wallet and another set of brand new panels which will rake in another $1600. Or…if they were set at 100% you would receive double the panels again, giving you 4 yellows, 4 purples, 4 blues and 4 greens. Keep in mind that you can also freely purchase more panels without the need to buy more packages.

However, as talked about in the qualifying panels section, after your second set have panels have caped out and created another set, these now need to be qualified. The first two rounds of panels are

fed with complimentary traffic provided by banners broker but any future ones require traffic. Visit the ”qualifying panels” page for more detailed information:

You should now know that it requires traffic packs or sales credits to qualify any future panels. Therefore is a MUST to include this vital information here in the Banners Broker fast track strategy. A traffic pack costs us $50 and provides us with 100,000 hits ready to use to qualify panels, but how much does each color require?

That means it requires 5,000 traffic hits to qualify a yellow panel and 135,000 for a green. So when it comes to it, in order to qualify my 4 green, 4 blue, 4 purple and 4 yellow panels after they have caped out for the second time I would need 800,000 hits:

Of course, each panel is different and some take longer than others to cap out, its just important to keep up with the amount of traffic packs you currently have. They are a monthly commitment which is debited directly from your Banners Broker e wallet, which means for $50 you get 100,000 hits per month.

As another example lets look at just the green panels as a whole. To qualify ONE green panel it takes 135,000 traffic hits, meaning you would need TWO traffic packs for $100. However, this would give you 200,000 hits, enough to qualify a green panel AND leave you with 65,000 hits. You can use these extra hits to then qualify another 13 yellow panels for example.

It’s thanks to this unique combination of traffic packs and panels that allows us to generate revenue and get in on the action WITHOUT having to refer new members. Your panels will continue to cap and create more FOREVER, if they are set to 100% your business will grow 50% faster and the returns will blow your socks off!

Keep in mind that once you have purchased an initial package you can easily buy additional panels, building your Banners Broker business even FASTER!

Another option to keep into consideration is the ability to earn sales credits from new members you refer. You receive 2500 hits or 1 sales credit for every panel that your referrals purchase for life! That means if a referral buys 2 yellow panels, you can qualify one of your yellows, making the ability to maximize your Banners Broker earnings even easier. That’s not to mention that you also get $5 per month for every traffic pack your referrals buy, this can add up considerably as your referrals begin to earn more, they purchase more!

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